By joining our team, you will be a working as a part of the country's finest Team of life insurance Agents. Success is our middle name and we have a record of creating highest number of M.D.R.T.'s (Million Dollar Round Table Agents, a global forum that salutes the world's most successful Insurance Agents). Our training programme focuses on your over all development and not just help you gain skills which are necessary for a good Insurance agent. We provide you with all the necessary tools & technology that enables you to build your business right from scratch. One cannot grow without people who believe in him by his side and which is why we continue to support you and ensure your growth by making joint calls , analysing and helping you create effective marketing strategies. With our guidance several candidates have become successful agents with their income surpassing over Rs. 15 Lacs.

Are you still in doubt whether you are making the right decision by taking up LIC agency and making a career out of it?